Scanning Stand for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Deployment and Operation Instructions

Below you will find video and text instructions about the deployment and operation of the stand.

The stand is delivered in a folded form. Once it is assembled it will have a top shelf where you can put your mobile device in order to read documents and a vertical back side with two L-shaped stainless steel wires running along the edges. The L-shaped wires enforce the structure of the stand and serve as a base when the stand is placed on a flat surface. Also, because they can be extended from corrugated plastic body, the wires allow to scan documents of various sizes.

As you remove a folded stand from the zip-lock bag hold it in your hands by shorter edges. The side with wires should be in your left hand and the wires should be facing down. Reach with your right hand thumb towards the top center of the stand and press the tab in the center to unlock. Please note that when you fold the stand for storage or transport you can push the tab back to lock it in a folded form.

Now open the top part of the stand - it unfolds into one layer of corrugated plastic. Hold the short edge with wires in your left hand and the short edge with a tab in the center in your right hand. With your right hand bend the right part of the stand at the crease placed around six inches from the right short edge.

Now hold the folded crease in your right hand. In other words you should hold a crease with two layers of corrugated plastic in your right hand and the short edge with wires in a single layer of corrugated plastic in your left hand. Start pushing the crease forward with your right hand forming a triangular shelf till the tab reaches the cut-out for locking the shelf. The center tab snaps into the cut-out and forms the shelf for your mobile device.

Now turn the stand so that the shelf is at the top and the wires are at the bottom. Turn the wires by 90 degrees in the same direction as the top shelf - the wires form the base of the stand. Press the wires all the way into the flutes of corrugated plastic. Place the stand on a flat surface.

The top shelf of the assembled stand is 10.5 inches from the surface. This is a proper distance to scan a letter or A4 size document using an iPhone 6 or an iPhone 5 - so if this is your goal you do not need to extend L-shaped wires. If you are using an iPhone 4s, or if you want to scan larger documents you need to extend the wires from the vertical back side of the stand. The vertical back side of the stand contains three round cut-outs half inch in diameter near the top shelf along right and left edges. These cut-outs are 1 inch apart and wires run near the middle of the cut-outs. In order to read a letter size document with an iPhone 4s extend the wires by 1 inch on both sides - till you feel the wire tips in the middle of the first pair of cut-outs (right and left) placed one inch below the top shelf. You may extend the wires further the second or the third cut-out in order to read larger size documents.

Now place your stand on a stable flat surface. Place your mobile device on the top shelf of the stand. The long edge of the mobile device should be placed along the flutes of corrugated plastic and the camera should be about half inch in front of the half circle guide on the edge of the top shelf. There are several rectangular cut-outs along the edges of the top shelf intended to help in placing your mobile device straight. In addition, there is a section of non-slip micro suction tape on the top shelf to secure your mobile device in place.

Place your document between the wires, a shorter edge of the document should be next to the vertical back side of the stand. Now the camera that is placed half an inch in front of the half circle guide points to the middle of the letter or A4 size document.

We hope that the stand will serve you well that it will make it easy for you to read documents.