Version 2.8 - Implemented trim, rotation and labeling for individual pages


New version Fopydo 2.8 contains the following improvements in order to support camera-based book scanners and create better looking photo albums: 

  • Individual pages of photo albums and documents may be trimmed, rotated and labeled easily. Please note that labels typed in non-ascii characters will be represented in ASCII using unidecode module - full UTF-8 support for document titles and labels will be implemented in the near future. 
  • Sampling speed is significantly improved to facilitate scanning of long documents and books. 
  • If all pages of a document/book have the same size: the page size specified for the first page applies to all pages. If the trim is moved left/right or up/down on the second page - this trim change is applied on all even pages. Trim can be also adjusted left/right and up/down on each page.