Version 2.7 - Added functionality for paperless processing of incoming faxes

Commonly available printer/scanner/fax office equipment often comes with software that allows capturing incoming faxes to a network folder. The following functions were added in Fopydo 2.7 to support paperless processing of faxes stored in a network folder:

- 'Folder' input option allows selecting the folder where faxes are stored on the network.

- Skip button in the left panel leaves the document untouched on the network folder to support sharing the same fax by more than one person.

- Skip check-box below page preview allows skipping individual pages e.g. the cover sheet.

- 'Open in viewer' check-box was added to stream-line processing by opening faxes that need to be signed (this requires a free Adobe Reader). Capturing of signature for digital signing using Adobe Reader was implemented in version 2.6.5.

- The default 'Result' folder for storing processed faxes may be set in Tools->Preferences.