Version 2.6 - Support for PDF input files from scanners and appending images to existing PDF documents

Version 2.6 contains several new functions:


  • PDF files from scanners etc. can be now used as input files.
  • If PDF file matching the document title (without .PDF suffix) exists in selected output folder, Fopydo will give you an option to append pages to the existing document or overwrite. This functionality is intended for keeping digitized copies of paper documents growing over time e.g. notebooks, bill receipts, statements etc.
  • Added detection of blank pages in input from scanners, to allow double-sided scanning without the need to remove blank pages by hand in case of mixed one sided/double sided input.
  • Functionality for re-ordering and automatic rotation of pages of bound documents was moved to the sampling phase to make it work better with barcode detection.
  • Added preview of all document pages before submitting images for processing.